Danielle Deojay does!

Do you have a passion for travel, culture, shopping, food, clothes, art, shoes, animals, craft, flea markets, bargains – in short, for LIFE? Danielle Deojay does! Every moment in her life is full, happening and loaded with fun and enthusiasm. Pretty, vivacious and brimming with energy, she takes life by the horns and rides the high wave. Read about Danielle’s adventures, thoughts, ideas, experiments and lots more on her blog Sequins and Ponies. It’s a fun, light, interesting lifestyle blog about the little knick-knacks that make life worth living.


The first time you hit this blog, you are greeted by a riot of warm colors. Whacky, funky, elegant and inspiring are only a few words that can describe the myriad collection of images that stand out at you. Your immediate impression is of a charismatic individual who lives every moment like there’s no tomorrow!  The seemingly random articles on the blog bring home a sweet, cheering message – There is so much you can do with your life if you make that choice. Every day events and objects like doors, shoes, a walk through your neighborhood take on a new meaning when you view life through the eyes of an eternal optimist! Danielle’s take on living makes powerful impression on you!danille2

The quirky title, Sequins and Ponies’ is oddly perfect for this blog. Seemingly incongruous, this well chosen title clearly brings out what its author is trying to achieve. A random collection of facts, fun, Do It Yourself(s), personal experience and other interesting reads, ranging from topics as abstract as art in a different country to shopping in your very own town- all woven together with colorful threads to provide the reader hours of fun, entertainment and learning. You sign off with a warm, happy feeling inside you that life is for the living and every moment is a gift to be cherished!